Our volunteers’ actions, big or small, whether getting us in touch with potential sponsors or helping us with particular research, contributing to our social media output or coming in to the office to help with the day-to-day operations, or perhaps lending a hand at one of our many events, help us further our aim of protecting the elements that make Malta special. Everyone’s skills and talents can be useful, so read more below and get in touch!


Social Media
Poster design for Events
Poster design for Campaigns
Logo design for Projects
Logo design for Special Events
Content design for Facebook Posts
Updating FAA Website
Promoting FAA Instagram account
Managing FAA Twitter account
Assisting in environmental campaigns
Maintaining Urban Vertical Gardens
Analyzing ongoing development applications
Interpreting upcoming planning legislations
Contributing to environmental research projects
Writing & Issuing Press Releases
Assisting in day-to-day tasks
General Book-keeping
Writing & Issuing Press Releases
Assisting in Membership Management
Setting up / dismantling equipment for events
Delivery of items to venue or back
Documenting events through videography
Documenting events through photography

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