Preserve our ODZ! (Objection to PA 03592/16)

The Planning Authority has received an application to construct yet another home for the elderly Outside of the Development Zone (ODZ), this time, in the limits of Naxxar bordering Għargħur.

The Strategic Plan for the Environment and Development, our nation’s development roadmap set out by the Planning Authority, specifically states that it will protect the environment by “limiting land take-up within the Rural Area”. It furthermore ensures that the needs of socio-economic development will not be wielded to excuse further encroachment in our rural areas with non-essential projects.

This development not only violates our development guidelines but also goes against the principles of Malta’s own National Health Systems Strategy. This necessitates that elderly people are cared for within the heart of the locality to ensure their right to remain active members of the community and enjoy a fulfilling life.

This development will result in further loss of our shrinking rural land only to be replaced by ‘luxury’ homes for the elderly who are wrongly being cut-off from the town centre, friends, family and church by a dangerous high-way.

We urge you to object to this application by simply entering your name and email address in the form below. This will send an objection in your name to the Planning Authority and responsible authorities with minimal work on your part.

Submitting such representations is your statutory right, and in no way exposes you to legal action or recrimination. Please ignore any message from the Planning Authority if you send this in late – that only affects your legal right to appeal which is not the case here.

Please share this with your contacts – our objections to the PA are a very important tool in limiting such developments that threaten our heritage and landscapes.

Thank you for taking an action to help protect the future of our islands and the quality of life of its people!


I the undersigned object to PA 03592/16, pertaining to proposed works at Site at, Għargħur Road, Sqaq L-Imnieqa, Naxxar  for the reasons listed hereunder, and wish to be recognized by the Planning Authority as an official objector to the permit in question.

1)    The site lies outside the development zone which should be protected from non-essential development by “limiting land take-up within the rural area” (SPED Thematic Objective 1).

2)      Proposal violates SPED Thematic Objective 1.10 which binds the Planning Authority to respect that “Socio-economic development should ensure that rural areas are not exploited by uses which are not legitimate or necessary.”  The proposed development of a home for the elderly in the limits of Naxxar is not essential as within the boundaries of this locality there are three properties of various sizes already catering to this, namely:

  1. a)   Hilltop Gardens Retirement Village, Triq l-Inkwina Naxxar (PA 6678/02 & PA 1793/93 & PAB 865/98)
  2. b)   Simblija Care Home, Triq il-Forġa, Naxxar
  3. c)   Holy Family Home for the Elderly, Triq il-Markiż Scicluna, Naxxar.

In addition there are various other homes for the elderly in neighbouring Mosta, all of which are within the urban area.

3)    Proposal runs counter to mainstream developments in European care for the elderly, and more specifically runs counter to Malta’s own National Health Systems Strategy 2014-2020; “Action will be taken to ensure that the care required is delivered in the setting which is most suitable to the needs and is conducive to sustaining and improving the health and well-being of the person at different stages of the life course.. there will be increased focuse on empowering and encouraging communities to become more involved in the provision of informal care in the community and as near as possible to where people are residing and working.”

Proposing a home for the elderly on the peripheries of the town, cut-off from the centre by a dangerous highway, limits movement of the residents to the boundaries of the project, and inhibits any opportunity for their integration within the local community. Their placement within this ODZ designated area will increase the segregation of such communities and will only serve as an example of poor urban planning and land-use zoning.

4)      Furthermore, the proposed development will, if carried out:

  1. a) block the principal entrance to Għargħur through the generation of traffic, the area being already grid-locked with traffic,
  2. b) impact the air quality of the area due to the traffic generated,
  3. c) reduce off-street parking currently in use by the residents.


In view of the above and in line with the SPED, I urge the Planning Authority to refuse this application.   

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