ENGO Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar commends the Planning Authority’s scheduling of 8 houses in Msida.
The properties forming a row of houses on Triq it-Torri represent a period of this town that has largely been lost over the past decades due to intense urbanization. Their inclusion as scheduled properties is a necessary step to ensure their protection and preservation as valuable facets attributing to the historical development  of our urban fabric and identity.
The decision to schedule an entire row of properties is in itself commendable as it ensures that it is not only the individual properties that are preserved but also the streetscape and surrounding fabric that are so implicitly a part of their true heritage value.
FAA augurs that this is further confirmation of the Authority’s objective of preserving the historical and urban context of period architecture, and strongly welcomes further decisions that will strengthen the protection of our heritage buildings.
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