Environmental NGO Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar commends the Planning Authority’s decision to issue an enforcement order following unauthorised works in the environs of the Pieta pinetum that were flagged by the eNGO earlier this year.
The unauthorized activities resulted in the felling of protected trees forming part of the pinetum, and the introduction of concrete paving around the site, causing the illegal formalization of previously undisturbed land. A masonry wall was also constructed to secure this encroachment on public land being used for commercial aims. A large tent for outdoor catering was also installed, again without having sought a permit. These extensive activities all threaten the natural and visual integrity of this protected site.
The issue of the enforcement order by the Planning Authority is a timely intervention and a necessary step towards the continued safeguarding and preservation of this beautiful and essential green lung in the heart of the densely built harbour area, FAA said.
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