The Four Curiosities of Rabat

Start Date & Time: 13/02/2016 - 2:30 pm

End Date & Time: 13/02/2016 - 2:30 pm

by Fr. Eugene Paul Teuma – Sat 13 February 2016

Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar’s second event for 2016 is a heritage walk by Fr. Eugene Teuma on Rabat and the Roman Melita – which extended from Mdina to Rabat – Malta’s richest area in terms of Roman remains.

This interesting walk around the town of Rabat will start from St. Francis’ Friary at 14:30 and will explore the fascinating early history of Rabat and Mdina.


The few 17th and 18th Century texts that mention the remains allow us to formulate an idea of how Rabat looked as regards its buildings, roads and especially the impressive fortifications that once surrounded it. A good part of what remains of ancient Rabat survives in the narrow passage-ways, water systems, and cellars to be found beneath Rabat’s streets.
Our tour will start from one of the few remaining vestiges of this once impressive system of fortifications that withstood two years of siege until 870 A.D. The events that followed spelled the end and the destruction of this ancient town and its impressive city walls which though over 1,000 years old had serving their purpose well.

We will be able to catch glimpses of this town and follow its outline within the modern town of Rabat and Mdina.

Fr. Eugene Paul Teuma has been fascinated by the archaeological remains and history of Rabat and Mdina, especially the Roman town of Melita ever since the chance discovery of a complex water system and galleries beneath Rabat in the 1980s. The documentation of these remains was instrumental in the interpretation of the surviving surface structures around Rabat and Mdina which led to the drawing up of a detailed interpretation of what the fortifications around the town of Melita once looked like.

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Event Details:

Venue: St. Francis Friary, St Francis Street, Rabat (next to the Santo Spirito Archives)

Date: Saturday 13th February, 14:3 0

Duration: 2hrs 30mins

Price: 13 Euros

Notes: We remind you to wear comfortable shoes and warm, showerproof clothing. The walk will go ahead in case of showers.

Tea/coffee, sandwiches and cakes will be served at the end of our tour.

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