20th January Dark Tour of Valletta

Start Date & Time: 20/01/2017 - 6:30 pm

End Date & Time: 20/01/2017 - 8:00 pm

Take a walk around the capital, seeing it as you have never seen it before and discover its dark secrets. Hear stories of murder, robberies from churches, executions and fraud carried out by important people. The Royal Opera House seems to have been built under an unlucky star – what actually happened during the first years of its life? Who stole from a Gudja church and left the chalice in another church in Valletta? What happened to the sculptor of one of the beautiful palaces of Valletta? Who was the noble person who defrauded the local governing body? Who abused of the ecclesiastical sanctuary and how did the authorities act?

These are some of the dark stories that abound in the streets of Valletta. Behind the beautiful facades of churches and palaces there are other tales to be told.

Don’t miss this unique tour to be given by a top expert, Vincent Zammit and organised by one of Malta’s leading heritage organisations. This tour which combines history, humour and tales of the unexpected, will take you past the site of the Royal Opera House, the Grand Master’s Palace, Valletta’s main churches and palaces – all while giving you a whole new perspective on Malta’s famous capital city.

To book go to: http://ticketengine.faa.org.mt/


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